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With our HQ based in Surrey, we cover all of Metro Vancouver, including moves from the Mainland to Vancouver Island:







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Moving Tips

Before Moving Day

Carpets - always roll your carpets (after a thorough vacuum) and tie them up with twine or any readily available rope. It is always preferable to have them shrink wrapped, especially in rainy weather.


Labelling - Label your boxes and furniture based on the room to which they are moved into, then label the rooms in your new home. You will avoid having to stand directing movers. Trick: use coloured post-it notes instead if buying expensive labels.


Fragile items - Label boxes with fragile contents and keep them together to ensure your movers are aware of their nature and treat them with due care. Trick: accumulate all mirrors and paintings in one corner out of the movers path and ensure they are made aware of them at the earliest.


Tape versus masking tape - never use normal packing tape on wooden furniture, it may peel off some of the paint when removed after your move. Always use shrink wrap to hold drawers in place in a dresser or a nightstand or a hutch. Another quick and cheap solution is masking tape. 


Preparing large pieces of furniture - no bed or dining table can be moved in one piece, so have them disassembled and ready to move. Make sure the hardware is bagged and safely taped to each piece.


Packing - the toughest part of the move is packing everything into boxes and then unpacking them again and placing them in their new home. You can relieve yourself of this stress by hiring the services of a professional packer.


Boxes - always double tape and cross tape your boxes, especially if you plan on packing them with heavy items. All boxes must be taped shut prior to moving. Also, try and use similar size boxes as these will stack better and minimize space lost from non identical boxes.


On Moving Day 


Parking - Ensure you have the spot nearest to your home reserved for the moving van. Parking in the city may be a little tricky, especially when you don't have a dedicated spot, driveway or loading bay. Tip: Aside from using your car to block a spot, you may place a couple of empty boxes in the desired space. Most people understand and will leave your boxes alone.


Elevators - if you are moving from or to an apartment, ensure that your strata manager has placed elevator protection and provided you with a key to lock the elevator.


Eliminating obstacles - Always ensure that you have all doors used for the move are propped open and those equipped with door closers are held with a door stop. Also it is very important that all entry ways, stairway and hallways are clear of boxes, hangings or other obstacles.

We can help make your move stress-free! Questions? Call us and we will be happy to help.